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Canon EOS T3 Digital SLR Review

May 30, 2012 by  

Having grown up with film, it took me time to come to that paradigm shift necessary to make the move to digital. Besides, I had a great deal of money invested in my old Canon Rebel camera and lenses. Finally, I made the shift, and will never look back.

I needn't belabor the advantages of digital vs. film: by now, everybody must know those. Let me add only my own pluses: this camera takes fabulous photos, and the picture is not dependent on a selected film. I get rich, deep colors that I only got with film by serendipity. I own a Kodak as well; just an inexpensive thing received as a gift. But that camera is so slow that the final picture is milliseconds later than what you viewed: the dog has moved from that perfect pose by the time the photo is captured, for example.

This camera captures a photo so quickly that you get what you aimed for. Plus, the inexpensive Kodak takes poor photos in low light. I have taken pictures at night with the Canon, no flash (outdoors, for example) and get a flawless photo. It has features that make even a novice (petit moi, for example) get great photos.
Alas! one reason I purchased it as opposed to another was that it touted itself as being compatible with the expensive lenses I'd bought for my film Rebel. It is not: those lenses work intermittently, when at all (I get "cannot communicate with the lens" errors most of the time). So I have to start saving money to purchase all new lenses (which actually add up to much more than the camera itself). That hurts: a kilo buck is a lot of money.

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