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Olympus E-10 4MP Digital Camera Review

May 30, 2012 by  

I got my Olympus E10 Dslr camera at Amazon. Having worked as a 4x5 and 6x7 studio photographer for over 25 years, i have ventured into the digital realm with great skepticism. Superlatives don't exist for how pleased I was when I tried the E10. A friend loaned me his, actually he had to force it on me, for a family trip to Disney World, and I didn't even use it till the last day we were there!

Reluctantly on the last day, I decided to spend the morning trying it out. Well, I made 4 trips back to the room to download the card, and finally bought 4 more cards early in the afternoon so I could shoot faster. A thrill to work with, great images, and more control than most of my 35mm cameras.

The ability to manually set color temperature is like having a studio, a refrigerator full of film, and several light meters all with you at Disney World!!!! Bottom line, if you are SERIOUS about photography, or earn part or all of your living via photography, this is a bargain.

For me, I knew it was fixed when I bought it. I knew what it was capable of alone and with the attachments. Max shutter speed too, has been cited as problematic at only 1/640. Guess what? After 6,000 pics, I haven't had one missed shot because of slow shutter speed. Besides, I don't take pictures of car racing. Anyway, suffice it to say that this is one great camera and I haven't regretted my purchase once!

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