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Portrait Photography Made Easy

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When it comes to being a photographer, thinking outside the box can be the best idea you ever had. You see, no one really remembers you when you are just like all of the other portrait photographers. If your work too closely resembles someone else's work, you may not be making the right name for yourself... or any name at all. Today, we are going to point out a few good techniques that will help you think outside the box.
Change The Perspective

All too often, photographers stick with the tried-and-trued methods such as straight on shots. This is great for the bland, traditional looks, but what if you really want to WOW your clients? Shooting from high above or from the ground can really change the way the picture looks. Also, because you are changing the angle, people tend to pay closer attention to the photo; they tend to notice some of the subtler intricacies of the photo.

Forget Looking At The Camera

Remember when you used to tell everyone to focus at this little spot right above the camera? Well, stop doing that right now! Change the way you have your subjects look at the camera. Actually, tell them not to look at the camera at all. We are most natural when we are not posing, so make the photo look less "posed" and more "natural".

Lights, Lights, Lights

Most of the time, we stick with set lighting. This is great for traditional photos, but that is not what we are after this time. We want to catch everyone off guard, but do it when pizzazz. So, how do we do this? We change the way we use lighting. Instead of finding the best light in the woods, you can light only half their face with natural light (light vs. dark). Also, you can use bright, colored lighting to really add to an otherwise bland picture. Just imaging a wedding portrait where the bride is surrounded by a sunlight shroud? What about a prom picture that is enamored with bright blues and reds from the stage surrounding? Play around and have fun with it.

Comfort, What Is That?

Traditional photos are not always natural photos. We want natural photos, but what if your client isn't too exciting. Sometimes, taking them out of their comfort zone is exactly what is needed. If they are not naturally loud, make them loud. If they are overly loud, have them sit in a chair mulling over a paper. Just figure out what makes them comfortable, and flip the tables completely. Who knows, you may show them a side of themselves that they did not know.

As you can see, there are plenty of techniques to add a special touch to your professional portraits. As a matter of fact, we will be detailing even more techniques in our next article; however, you should take the time to play around with the ones we have given you here. Once you have mastered these, you should notice that your clients' compliments are ten times more than they were before you started thinking outside of the box.

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