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Sony Cybershot DSC-HX9V Review

May 30, 2012 by  

I'll keep this relatively short because there's already a ton of info and reviews out there for this camera... believe me, I read them ALL in depth before buying this one.

Since I was coming from a Panasonic FZ-35, I already was used to excellent image quality (for a non-SLR camera). I'd have to say that my FZ-35 has a notch better image quality than this. The main thing that knocks down the image quality on the HX9V is the heavy noise reduction that smears detail. So long as you don't zoom too far in while reviewing your pictures on your computer screen, the photos will look very good. The colors really pop (maybe a bit too much, especially red) and the image looks sharp and detailed. But once you start zooming in (I'd say starting around 4x), you can really see that this is a consumer quality image. The blotchy quality in the pictures is very noticeable at 8x magnification on the screen. Bottom line is this... for casual use and for the vast majority of uses and prints, the image quality is very good... although not spectacular.

The video quality is excellent quality, like everyone says... it's true.

One tip for everyone out there if you plan on burning your AVCHD videos to a DVD for high definition playback on a blu-ray player. I've tested all this out myself, so I know for certain what I'm saying is true. If you want to watch your HD videos on your TV, and you only have a DVD burner, you'll have to use the 17 mbps 1920x1080 60i mode. If you bump up the quality to 24 mbps 60i you will need a blu-ray burner and blu-ray disc to burn those videos. An AVCHD DVD tops out at ~18 mbps so 24 mbps videos or higher will NOT play back from a DVD in a blu-ray player. And as far as the 28 mbps @ 60p mode.... uhhhmmm it's awesome.... if you can play it on anything. You CAN NOT burn the 60p video to DVD-Video or Blu-ray (blu-ray tops out at 1080p30/60i). I have an iMac that a couple years old (2008) and it can't play back the 60p video without dropping frames all over the place. So really, for me, 60p is kind of useless now because the only way I can view it is on the camera. You can't even hook it up to your HDTV via HDMI and get the 60p... unless you have some kind of awesome super new TV I've never heard of. Also, don't worry about the 24 mbps vs. 17 mbps quality difference... I DARE you to tell the difference without zooming in to the pixels and slo-mo'ing the video... and even then it's barely noticeable, if at all. I'm a huge techno geek and I'm just shooting with the 17 mbps @ 60i and the HD looks awesome. The advantage of being able to just drag and drop it to a DVD without having to re-encoding it is huge.

Ok, I've really rambled on here. Sorry.

Very good camera with very good image quality and excellent video quality and lots of cool high-tech features. I'm still keeping my FZ-35 for slightly higher image quality however, as it doesn't use so much noise reduction.

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