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Wedding Photography Tips

May 30, 2012 by  

If you love photography, specifically wedding photography then here are some tips that will guide you having the best time when taking these photographs.

You need to create a list of photos that you would want to shoot. Consult the bride and the groom on what shots they would want included in their wedding album. This will make sure that no scene is left out.

It is good to have someone whom will direct the shooting of the family photo during the wedding. This will ensure that those in attendance do not run around the house causing total chaos. The coordinator will round up the different family members in time for their shot representing different family dynamics.

Before the event, carry out a reconnaissance visit of your locations to orient yourself with the landscape in preparation for the best shooting experience. Set clear expectations by showing the couple previous shots that you have taken so that you can know if your quality satisfies them. Find out their goal and exactly how many shots they expect. This will make sure that they are satisfied with the end results and this will attract other customers to your wedding photography business.

You have to pay attention to detail. Shoot the rings, the shoes, and the back of the maids' dresses. This enables you to do a thorough job and satisfy the client more. Have a co-photographer. This will mean that you can share the grounds between the two of you and you will have to move around less than if you were alone. Also consider having two cameras of different scopes to cover the different situations that you will have to cover.

Use diffused light. If the wedding is in a church, then the lighting is probably low and you will need to bounce the flash off a surface. Display your shots at the reception. The current digital cameras offer instant photos and all you will have to do is to carry a computer and a printer to the venue and produce your photos instantly.

Be bold. You will have to give clear instructions to those that you are photographing so that you can have perfect shots. This might seem like commanding the couple but taking good shots needs you to be sure of yourself and what you want.

In the setting of a wedding you should shoot in continuous shooting mode so that you can capture all the special moments.


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